Yoga “off the mat” – how making progress is better than being perfect

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SO – I know I’m the only one who has a “perfectionist” nature.. (sorry, there’s no emoji for sarcasm) Many of us strive to have whatever we do be “just so” and that kind of thinking often holds us back.  Speaking for myself, I can say for certain that I used to be much more of a perfectionist when I was younger – and I’m not sad to report that I’ve gotten better at being “just OK” with many things. When I think of all the things I want to do in a day, if I waited for each circumstance, each piece of the project to be perfect, things would practically never get off the ground. I remember when I first took my Personal Training course. I literally postponed taking my first client for a few months as I kept thinking I may not be “just so”, exactly what they wanted.  Eventually of course, I just dove in, gave what I had to offer, observed what I could do to improve, and attempted to do that over time.  You can plan and prepare too much, you can study too much, you can analyze too much, you can criticize yourself too much.  And while you’re doing all of that – you’re not actually doing anything.  When I live in that “perfectionist” bubble, I feel I’m living in fear. Deep down, we all know we are not perfect and therefore when that is what we struggle to achieve, of course we’re afraid.  We should be. We are guaranteed to fail.

Today, as I’ve gotten (a little!) older, I have changed.  Thanks to my opening up to Yoga, I feel that there are so many things I want to do, that I literally wouldn’t go anywhere with any of my projects if I waited for them to each be perfect. Today I live more by the philosophy of “showing up” and being present, even if what I offer is not perfect. At least I am there. My heart is in the right place. I’ve learned that people don’t expect perfection. I won’t disappoint them if I make a mistake… we will just laugh it off together, and move along.

The beautiful thing about my Yoga, is that I live these lessons every time I get on the mat.  I live these lessons every time I stand up in front of clients. My practice, my teaching, my writing; it’s never perfect. The lesson that Yoga keeps whispering to me is that “that’s OK”.  As long as I’m showing up for myself, for my life, for those around me, I’m doing what’s most important.

I’m advancing. I’m learning. I’m sharing. I’m doing. I’ve given up trying to be perfect, in public and in private.

Today I celebrate progress and action, instead of perfection.  What do you celebrate in yourself?

doritYoga “off the mat” – how making progress is better than being perfect

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