Spring 2022 schedule

 Classes will begin mid-April 2022



Yoga for back health: This class will focus on moving the body in a safe manner in order to (A) reduce any back pain you may be experiencing and (B) avoid injury – during your practice and in your other daily activities. We will focus on strength and flexibility, not only in the spine, but in the core, hips and glutes. A healthy back means that all parts of your body are “pulling their weight” ie. working to support you. We’ll take our time as we focus on proper form/alignment, all the while developing the breath and creating space in the diaphragm. A must for those with back issues!

Yoga FLOW: A 60min. Haha yoga class that incorporates movement (asanas), breath work (pranayama) and mindful meditations to help us stay centred.

CHAIR yoga: For those that may rehabilitating after an illness or an injury, Chair yoga invites you to find increased mobility in a gentler manner. Your entire practice, done seated in a chair, will be supportive yet with all the same benefits of a general yoga practice; improved breathing which boosts energy and your overall mood; increased awareness into the body, specifically the spine its relationship to good posture; increased range of motion as you decrease tension/stiffness in the joints; decreases in blood pressure, anxiety and pain. Your overall sense of well-being will soar! This class is excellent for Seniors with limited mobility.

Yin/Yang: This class blends two styles of yoga into one practice – you’ll enjoy active dynamic (standing) postures that build strength and stamina (Yang), and gain the benefits of holding some longer passive yoga poses down on the mat (Yin)!

Gentle Yoga (and CORE!): Gentle Yoga is designed for those that may be newer to yoga or who may be interested in a gentle practice. The class will consist of simple, standing flowing sequences to warm up the body and build muscle strength, followed by a long floor sequence that will focus on building a stronger core. Throughout the entire hour, your attention will be directed to proper alignment, and mindful breathing.  You will feel relaxed, yet energized at the end of the class. No experience required.



All classes run 60min. in length; they remain at $20/session and signup is for the 12-week session ($240 total investment).

Reminder:  In case you miss one of the LIVE classes, the practices will all be recorded, therefore we’ll send you a private link so you can enjoy the full class at your own leisure;  OR you always have the option to join any other weekly class as your “make up” class.  You never miss out!

If you are new to the practice of yoga, or simply have been away from the mat for a while, please note that I offer PRIVATE & SEMI-PRIVATE yoga classes regularly.

Contact me for pricing & availability.