Winter 2023 final Yoga Schedule

(LIVE ** or on Zoom)

Classes begin Monday January 9th 2023




Yoga for back care:  This class will focus on moving the body in a safe manner in order to (A) reduce any back pain you may be experiencing and (B) avoid injury – during your practice and in your other daily activities. We will focus on strength and flexibility, not only in the spine, but in the core, hips, glutes and legs. A healthy back means that all parts of your body are “pulling their weight” ie. working to support you. We’ll take our time as we focus on proper form/alignment, all the while developing the breath and creating space in the diaphragm. A must for those with back issues!

Therapeutic Yoga for Anxiety:  LifeForce™ Therapeutic Yoga is like NO OTHER yoga class … you may never see a downward dog! This is yoga to help manage your moods. I’ll be sharing new practices (postures, breath work, mantras, mudras, visualization) to help calm the anxious mind. Consider this a gift to your nervous system, helping to guide you back to your natural state of wellbeing. NO YOGA EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. 

Yoga for CORE:  Your abdominals serve many functional roles in your daily life. They assist with breathing, they keep your spine in alignment, they protect your lower back, and they assist in the many different movements of your torso and limbs.  A strong engaged core is key to our yoga practice, but also to healthy, daily, pain-free living.

Gentle Hatha Flow: Combining breath work, short mindful meditations, simple yoga flows, and long delicious stretches, this evening class will have you sleeping like a baby that night. With practice, you’ll be improving overall strength, flexibility, core, and balance. There is no previous experience necessary; you’ll listen to your body and make every posture fit/honour your limits. 

Gentle Yoga (and CORE!): Gentle Yoga is designed for those that may be newer to yoga or who may be interested in a gentle (stretch) practice to complement their current fitness regimen. If you’ve been away from the practice for a while, this is a nice way to ease back into your “flows”. The class will consist of simple, standing flowing sequences combined with long floor sequences that will focus on building a strong core. Throughout the entire practice, your attention will be directed to proper alignment, and mindful breathing.  You will feel relaxed, yet energized at the end of the class. NO YOGA EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. 



All classes run 50 min. in length (to enable lunchtime yogis to return to work within the hour) but for those that have time, there will be an extended shavasana to fill the full hour.

Classes remain at $20/session and signup is for a 12-week session ($240 total investment).

Reminder:  You are invited to practice with us LIVE in the studio, or take the live class on ZOOM in your own home or workplace. If you must miss one of the live classes, the practices are all recorded, and we can send you a private link so you can enjoy the full class at your own leisure.  You never miss out!

** LIVE CLASSES:  please note that for safety & comfort, I’ll be limiting in-class participation to 5 yogis (50% of normal capacity)   Sign up TODAY to join me in person :) 

If you’re new to the practice of yoga OR prefer private / semi-private sessions,

please note that I offer these regularly.

Contact me for pricing & availability.