Visit the studio

Welcome to my studio!

I wanted to give you a preview of where our work together is done.
It is a warm, welcoming and private space.
There’s no need to bring anything at all when you come for your session, just wear loose, comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely. I have all the yoga mats and the props you will need. I provide drinking water, fresh towels, everything. There are even folding chairs available for those that might prefer to do their practice seated!
It really is about whatever makes you feel at ease.
I’d like you to know that in every aspect of our practice together, you always have options.  I’ll be asking for lots of feedback throughout our sessions, and if something doesn’t work for you, I will find an alternative that will accomplish our common goal; to find the therapeutic tools that you can use at home to help you manage the symptoms of anxiety or depression.
Until we see each other,
Namaste ~ the spark within me honours the spark within you
PS  We have a sweet, friendly, loving pug that lives here. He has his own yoga mat, and often sleeps (and snores) during our practices. I wanted to let everyone know in advance; in case you have any issues with dogs, please don’t hesitate to discuss with me prior to your session.
Introducing you to Ollie the pug <3

ollie snowface

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