I have had the honour of sharing LifeForce™ Yoga for Anxiety with many individuals and organizations over the years. A few of them are listed below: 


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“We are truly grateful for what Dorit has provided to our caregivers of those with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. The hour Dorit has spent with caregivers during this pandemic has been a source of support and encouragement through the weeks.

She has provided tools and practices to help reduce anxiety and stress while we are at home. Her energy has been an uplifting highlight of our week.”

Michelle Moore-Torman, Supervisor Drop In Program,

Cummings Centre

“Dorit Hood is that rare combination of being both deeply empathetic and also refreshingly professional in her work. She presented a workshop at a retreat I hosted and provided the women with hands-on strategies to help with anxiety. She tuned in to the concerns of the participants and was able to offer them exactly what they needed. Her workshop was very much appreciated!”

Vikki Stark MSW, Psychotherapist | Author


“I have always known that yoga is important and have tried many classes over the past 10 years.  But I never took to it until I started classes with Dorit.  Through her, I have really developed a passion for yoga.  I feel great after each class, have progressed quickly, and actually find myself wishing I could come more often despite my incredibly hectic schedule!”

Anonymous Sept. 2017     full time working executive, female



I highly recommend experiencing classes with Dorit. She has a wealth of information to share that could definitely improve your quality of life. Dorit is a talented teacher who delivers comprehensive and effective sessions. I am attending her Yoga for Anxiety and Stress via Zoom. Thank you Dorit, you’re just what the Doctor ordered!”

Kathleen Goodwin, Toronto


This was my first experience taking a program with Dorit and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Dorit is extremely knowledgeable and well-prepared. With her warmth she creates a safe and peaceful environment to explore new disciplines.”  

Marian Levy, June 2018


“I have found in practicing yoga with Dorit, the perfect balance of strength and relaxation. It requires a focus that relieves you of whatever stress and distraction you brought to the mat with you. I always leave feeling refreshed and serene- I see changes in my posture, my breathing, my flexibility.”

R.S.  March 2016   female, working executive


“I move meetings to make sure I don’t miss my Yoga with Dorit.”

M.E.    April 2016  male, private yoga client



“Bonjour Dorit, je voulais que tu saches a quel point je me sent plus sereine depuis que j’ai commence tes cours de Yoga.  Je ne remercierais jamais assez mon amie L. qui m’a fait découvrir les bienfaits du Yoga. Je peux dire que j’ai trouve mon havre de paix.”

J.M. 49 year old female Yoga client. November 2016


“Yoga with Dorit offers a very enriching experience where you learn classic poses, breath awareness and develop stamina and balance, all in a warm and friendly environment. Using props like blocks, bolsters and straps, you get deeper into the poses with a teacher who is fun and wonderfully encouraging! We just love her personality and her classes.”

Andrea & Alan Bassel  November 2017


“I thank you for creating a peaceful nest for us yogis. You make it possible for us to relax, and nurture our bodies.  My time in your studio is special, and I do not take it for granted.”

Liliane K.  January 2018


 “I love yoga with Dorit. I never thought that I would enjoy it! And since I have started yoga in the Fall of 2017, I look forward to enjoying each session. She is motivating, calm, attentive and has made me appreciate yoga which I thought I never would.”

D.C. Jan. 2018


“Dorit’s yoga practice has the perfect combination of zen-ness and flowing yoga. By the end of each yoga session, you can’t help but be smiling (especially because the mint tea awaits).”

Alissa L.  Nov. 2018   19 year old student


“Yoga will touch your soul, just let it in!”

Maria Vannicola March 2017


“I really look forward to my Saturday morning yoga classes. I love the environment that Dorit provides. It’s like an oasis of peace.”

M.B.  May 2016


“I loved meditating with Dorit and the group. I plan to continue in October. Thanks Dorit.”

Vivian Myron,  June 2018


“I never thought I’d like Yoga.  I like cardio and Zumba and bootcamps. But with Dorit’s Yoga I really feel its helped with flexibility and strength and balance, and I’ve also discovered the breath. I’ve learned how to slow it down and I feel a lot more peaceful.  Love it.”

N.A.  November 2015


“I have just completed your 4 week introduction to meditation, and although I came in with a certain degree of skepticism, I left with conviction that if applied, it really works! Thank you for a great experience”

Yona Corber,  June 2018


I love Yoga with Dorit. I feel regenerated and relaxed after her class. She is so warm and pleasant to be with.”

Adele Vineberg  November 2017


“Andrea and I love your classes. We have been doing yoga together for about 6 years now. It’s a great activity to do as a couple, and the toning and flexibility has made us better paddlers.”

Alan Bassel  November 2017


“It’s my first time experiencing a yoga course.  I could not imagine a more wonderful way to relax and refresh yourself at the end of a day. The toning and stretching give you a feeling of strength, where emotionally you’re better able to face the rest of your week with confidence.”

D.L.   March 2016


“I play ball hockey twice a week, and basketball too.  But I can’t touch my toes for the life of me.  Your stretch Yoga is just what the Doctor ordered.”

M.M.  42 year old male client. October 2014.


pic letting go butterfly


“Dorit, thank you so very much for working with my dad. He is so excited by his progress, and feels so proud of his accomplishments with you.  He really looks forward to his sessions every week.”  A.C.  October 2013

Editorial: Roberto was 82 years young. I worked with him for a few years and loved every minute of it. He sadly passed away in the summer of 2015 ♥

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