Therapeutic Yoga for Anxiety & Depression 


Do you experience ???

  • excessive worry
  • sleep disturbances
  • muscle tension
  • anger
  • depressed mood
  • lack of focus
  • heart palpitations
  • digestive issues
  • feelings of panic
  • hopelessness
What if … you could bring your nervous system into balance using your breath?
What if … you could use movement to clear away obstructions and release physical tension?
What if … you could recognize and control the thoughts in your mind?
What if … you had new skills that you could use at home, to control the symptoms of your anxiety and/or depression?

You can.


In a gentle and compassionate environment, the therapeutic tools of LifeForce Yoga® are combined with evidence-based research, to help you manage and reduce the symptoms of anxiety or depression.
From a yogic perspective, when energy is blocked at a physical or at a psycho-emotional level, symptoms of anxiety or depression emerge. Working one-on-one with clients, I design customized practices using movement, breath work, meditation, sound, visualization, and other tools that allow energy to flow, thereby enabling healing to occur and symptoms to diminish.
With self-awareness and regular practice, you’ll be empowered to reach beneath the current mood, and recapture your natural state of health and well-being.
Contact me to get started or if you have any questions:
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Insurance receipts available: Member of: Association des Naturothérapeutes du Quebec (ANQ)


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