Yoga & Meditation

Looking for a self-care practice that will reduce symptoms of your anxiety, while at the same time, strengthening the core and your entire body?
You’ve found it at Yoga with Dorit.  Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, you’re sure to find a yoga practice, a meditation, a breathing practice, and a community that will support you – exactly as you are. We share yoga from the heart, it’s a passion and we are grateful for your presence.

Schedule of weekly classes HERE.

Our yoga classes are based on a branch of yoga called Hatha yoga; they combine yoga postures (asanas) with breathing practices (pranayama) and short meditations to help us draw our attention inward, and sharpen our focus. There is no experience required to join any class; you begin wherever you are ♥
Deep within all of us, is a place of peace, a place of calm. Over time, we’ve forgotten how to access that place.
Join me as we find our way back; to our natural state of well-being. 

Schedule of weekly classes HERE.

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