Corporate Yoga & Mindfulness

Helping busy executives & employees balance work and their physical and mental well-being.

I’m very proud to be offering my virtual Corporate Yoga & Mindfulness program, catered to you and your employees in Montreal (or remote locations via online platforms).
Having worked for 20+ years in a corporate environment, I know the challenge of fitting in time for wellness, amidst packed schedules, meetings, and deadlines. Add to that, sitting at a desk for most of the day, you have a recipe for poor posture, aches & pains, and overall physical/emotional fatigue. 

I’m now bringing my 10+ years of experience with Therapeutic Yoga for Anxiety, to the corporate setting. 

The 10-week sessions offer beginners & seasoned practitioners:

  • gentle seated yoga postures to release stress carried in the body
  • standing postures and flows (adjusted according to participants abilities/requirements)
  • breath work to calm the mind and boost attention
  • guided meditations and other practices to help manage symptoms of stress & anxiety

Why invest in Corporate Therapeutic Yoga?

  • boosts productivity & morale
  • reduces stress & burnout
  • improves attention & enhances creativity
  • offers tools to release tension & calm anxiety 
  • makes your organization more attractive to new potential employees



“We just love the opportunity to step away from the intensity of our busy days, and take time to breathe. 
Dorit has such a lovely way of keeping us sane!” Carrie Mazzof, Myriam Foundation

 Reach out to discuss rates, availability & specifics: 

Increase performance, focus, creativity in your workplace.


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