That time I was super judgemental

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What is my motivation for doing this fundraiser every year? Many years ago, one of my boys had to be hospitalized for over two weeks. It was one of the scariest times of my life, which thankfully, had a happy ending (a healthy child).  One of the things that sticks out in my mind is that I would walk around the Children’s Hospital during those long nights, and I would notice lots of small children, some of them infants, alone in their beds or cribs, crying. My heart sank. I wanted to go in and quiet them, hug them.  I felt so sorry for them, not only because they were stuck in a hospital room with G-d knows what ailment, but to compound it, they were alone.

I remember distinctly “judging” their parents. I’m not proud of it, but I’m being honest.  I asked myself how a parent could leave an infant alone, while they were sick in the hospital? My husband and I were tag-teaming being by our sons bedside 24 hours a day. One morning, I was so distraught over this that I asked the nurse on duty where these parents were.  She must have noted the tone of my voice because she went on to answer me in the following fashion; “Please understand that you are in the fortunate position of being able to be here with your child. Day and night. Many of these children have parents that live very far away, or even if they live nearby, they cannot afford to miss work to be in the hospital with their child. These kids have to make it through on their own, because their parents are working day and night to keep their jobs, and be able to provide for their children. They simply cannot afford to be here.” Well. That certainly put me in my place.  I was quite ashamed of how I had questioned these parents “ability” to stay away.

These people literally had no choice.  They were broken hearted, but stuck working and trying to provide for their families, and hopefully for this child who would soon be returning home. That story, those parents circumstances have stayed with me to this date.

And just as in Yoga – when we talk about our relationship to our community; the impact of our actions on others; the importance of spreading positive energy to those around us – that, combined with gratitude for my healthy child(ren) – led me to start this Wellness Fundraiser.

It has grown from raising $ 800 in its first year, to raising over $7,000 last year!  Close to $35,000 has been donated over the past 9 years.   All of this, for one hour of your time, where you do something good for yourself, and do something amazing for others. All of this could only be done with your help.  If you cannot make the event, you can still donate.

100% of the proceeds will be going to the Tiny Tim Fund –  Providing critical support to families of sick kids. Everything from helping to buy medications and wheelchairs, to helping with costs of accommodations and meals for parents that live out-of-town, and are in need.

This is my way of showing those families that I refer to above, that I understand their plight. This is our way of helping them out.

With love and thanks ♥

doritThat time I was super judgemental

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