GROUP Therapeutic Yoga for Anxiety

Until now … offered only as private sessions 

Starts THIS WEEK!  Tuesday March 14th 8-9PMDH front of group shavasana

Our first GROUP Therapeutic Yoga for Anxiety series!

This 8-week session will offer beginners & experienced yogis alike:

  • tools to calm symptoms of anxiety
  • meditative inquiries to help you release blockages in certain energy centres
  • mindfulness practices to keep you focused & in the now
  • practices to calm the nervous system & keep you out of the “fight or flight” response
  • gentle movements to release tension from the body
  • a sense of underlying calm & peace, below the waves of the busy mind 

LifeForce™ Yoga. This is NOT a yoga class.

These are tools for an emotionally balanced life.

REGISTRATION ONGOING. $240 for the eight-week series. Offered online. 

NOTE: These practices are complementary & are meant to work alongside any professional help or medications you might be receiving.

Questions???    Connect anytime!  or  514.909.1915


doritGROUP Therapeutic Yoga for Anxiety