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Grace – me with your presence

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I’m sitting on the floor in my bedroom, with Barney sleeping by my side. I’m in self-isolation as my mom tested Covid positive. It’s 4pm and its pitch black outside. I’m in the mood to share some thoughts on the year that “wasn’t” but really don’t know where to start.

What to say of the year 2020? What I’ve said to myself many times in the past 9 months … my relatives lived through worse times. They not only made it through, but went on to thrive. And so I remind myself, that we too shall get through this, and with intention, we too will thrive.

None of the recovery will happen automatically. It’s work. And it’s draining. First, it’s good to take some time and simply recognize, admit that most of 2020 was a *&#* SHOW. It was the year where all plans were thrown out the window and we were all reminded, that we have no control (really) over anything. The only thing we can control is how we react to events.

Our silver lining was gaining a daughter this year, as we snuck a wedding into the month of March, right before the entire world hung the “CLOSED” sign out on the door. So there was a bright spot in our year.

But isn’t it true that the human mind will focus much more readily on all that went wrong?  We have to force ourselves to remember whatever good happened.  Again, there ain’t no denying that many many MANY people suffered tremendous loss this year. Loss of life, loss of health, loss of connection, loss of income, loss of anything we could count on as “normal”.

So experts tell us not to gloss over the grief. Acknowledge it and sit with it for a while. Feel it. Get angry, cry, whatever you need to do to validate your feelings – and not pretend everything is always ok.

2021 – why is it that I feel a mix of hope & fear?  Things will be better, we hope.  But it’s all still in the “unknown” category; and anything that is uncertain causes stress and anxiety. So what keeps us going each day? What will get us through tomorrow?

It is literally the energy that animates our entire being; our breath.  One inhale, followed by one exhale. It’s all we have; it’s one breath, and then we hope and pray we get another. This is our now. It’s the only thing we’re guaranteed; this very moment.

I had one of my clients write me a long email, telling me how much learning to breathe has helped her manage through this year, through health crises, through life. She said that she learned it from me, but with all my heart, I believe we all know what to do deep inside. Our bodies know how to breathe – but our bodies also know how to hold onto tension.

Our job is to release. To *not* hold on. To *not* grasp. To *not* harden. To *not* close. To *not* hold our breath.

Set an intention for how you wish to show up in the new year. What do you want to bring to every interaction, to every conversation (in your mind, and with others?)

In 2021, my goal is to practice grace.

The Websters dictionary defines grace as follows: 

The exercise of love, kindness, mercy, favor, a disposition to benefit or serve another, a favor bestowed.

Sounds like a lofty, yet worthy intention for 2021. It’s just an intention … I may fail, but I’ll aim for grace.

My dear reader, I wish to share a special practice with you.

Usher in the new year with me – with a practice I’m calling Come as you are“.

Friday January 1st, 2021 at 10:30am. 

If you’re exhausted, you’ll rest and breathe with me.

If you’re worn out, you’ll find some strength you didn’t know you had.

If you’re feeling ungrounded, you’ll feel at home within yourself.

If you’re feeling alone, you’ll find a connection.

If you’re feeling sad, that’s ok too.

Come as you are.  Yoga is there to greet you. As. You. Are. 

Our yoga class on Friday January 1st 2021 at 10:30am will be an hour of practicing tools for self-care, nourishing our bodies with the energy of every inhale, and releasing tension from the mind with the power of every exhale. Lift your spirits overall. Start fresh on that day. Then, deal with the next day – the next day.

Please join me. It would be an honour to start 2021 off with you.

You can join me on the mat by clicking HERE.  If you’re asked for a passcode: 022839

See you on the mat, with grace in mind.


doritGrace – me with your presence