What home feels like

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For over 25 years, I worked outside of my home and would return at the end of the day, always happy to walk through my front door.  Arriving home to my kids, my kitchen, my worn out sweatpants (the ones with the holes in them, that I would change into the moment I’d walk in) – it just always felt right being here.

I don’t take this for granted as I know that there are people who sadly, don’t feel as happy to walk into their home as I do.

Fast forward to today, where I work from my home(studio) and yet, I cherish every opportunity to be “home.” To some people it makes no sense. I’ve had friends ask me, even on a weekend, “aren’t you dying to get out of the house?” and my answer is always no. I am still fortunate to love the space I have created with my husband and my children. Every corner is filled with memories. Every scratch on the wall comes from busy lives lived well. It’s not always as neat as I would like it, though I try my best to maintain order. The space I now work in 8-10 hours a day takes priority, and other (hidden) corners wait until I have the time to attack them.

I have always loved a busy home, the coming and going of kids and their friends, the busy flow of going to work and returning back, making lunches in the morning and getting dinners ready at night- as tiring as it may have seemed back then, I know that even in the moment, I loved every second of it.  Today, as there are fewer kids living at home and they are each adults with their own schedules, the home is less busy with them, and more busy with clients coming and going. Sharing yoga with others has enabled me to fill the extra space in my heart and in my home. I always feel privileged to open my door and find these beautiful souls on the other side, wanting to come in and share in this journey with me.

Working from your home is a tricky thing. You want to maintain a professional environment, but you cannot get around the fact that people are coming into a space where you live your life. I wasn’t quite sure that it would work out, but I have been told that people feel a warmth when they walk into my studio that makes them feel welcome. The fact that I set up all the mats and the props and prepare fresh mint tea for every class, stems from my desire to make our yogis feel cared for and appreciated. My children are here a lot less than they used to be, which is normal. This leaves space in my home that I am so grateful to share with clients that I value.

If you’re lucky, you walk into your home and feel safe.

If you’re lucky, you walk into your home and feel calm.

If you’re lucky, you walk into your home and feel cared for.

This is what home feels like to me.

What I want my family to feel.

What I want my clients to feel.

Postscript: separate post to follow in terms of feeling “at home” within yourself

doritWhat home feels like

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