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Research & Studies

How Yoga May Help Depression

“As a common complementary therapy in the United States, yoga may be particularly helpful for depression because it can be adapted to daily mood through integrating practices to enhance physical, emotional, and spiritual health; it is easily available; and can be self-administered. The slow rhythmic breathing practices and meditative/ relaxation practices of yoga are designed to induce a sense of calm, well-being, stress tolerance, and mental focus, all of which may minimize depression, anxiety, stress, and rumination.

Harvard researchers study how meditation changes the brain of clients with depression

“Individual cognitive behavioral therapy is helpful for many people; antidepressant medications help many people. But it’s also the case that many people don’t benefit from them as well. There’s a great need for alternative approaches.”


Effects of Meditative Movements on Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

“Emphasizing the therapeutic effects of meditative movements for treating MDD is critical because it may provide a useful alternative to existing mainstream treatments (drug therapy and psychotherapy) for MDD. Given the fact that meditative movements are safe and easily accessible, clinicians may consider recommending meditative movements for symptomatic management in this population.”

Yoga Enhances Positive Psychological States In Young Adult Musicians

“This study is novel in that it examines the relationship between yoga and positive psychology, both of which offer specific strategies that can be practiced to optimize personal wellbeing and performance.”

Health Benefits of Yoga

“Cohen and his colleagues found that while simple stretching exercises counteracted fatigue, patients who participated in yoga that incorporated controlled breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques experienced improved ability to engage in their daily activities, better general health and better regulation of the stress hormone cortisol.”


Yogic Breathing in Patients with Generalized Anxiety Disorder

“Yogic breathing techniques proved simple to learn and may be beneficial in reducing anxiety and depressive symptoms in patients with treatment-resistant GAD”

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