The candy dish

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Think about where you like to shop. Think about which restaurants you like to frequent.  I’m willing to bet that often, it’s not necessarily about the clothes or the actual food. The product has to be good, but mostly, we go back because we had a great experience. I believe it’s about a feeling. 

And that, is what sharing yoga has become for me. It’s a way to provide an experience for people. I happen to know many very good yoga teachers. I’m lucky enough that some have even shared their talents with yogis here. I am thrilled when someone tells me that “so-and-so” is a fabulous teacher. I want the service that we put forth to be top notch. However the reason yogis keep coming back is because they enjoy the experience.

The mint tea.  Fresh mint, with honey. Always piping hot. It has become part of the experience. Post-yoga, a hot cup of mint tea and a chat with your fellow yogi. It’s nothing you can label. It’s a feeling that you’re cared for, that you’re valued, and that’s exactly why we do it. After all, you’re part of a community. Isn’t that what we should be doing for each other?

The candy dish. It sits unassumingly near the entrance door, close to the burning candles. It is generally filled with a mix of fruit-jellies, caramels, hard candies, all individually wrapped and waiting to be grabbed “post” yoga.

I have clients that have voiced objections when we are out of caramels. I have clients that have requested I stock the candy dish with more red fruit jellies (their faves). Most people however will just grab a candy on the way out, and leave.

That candy dish sitting next to the burning candles is part and parcel of the experience.  When you leave here, you don’t leave with a package in hand. You don’t leave with anything that you can point to or show someone. You leave with your senses more aliveYou leave in a somewhat different state than when you walked in. You leave having created something that is just for you. It’s something that no one can take away from you. If your mental state is calm, if you are breathing to soothe your nervous system, if you have space in your body … how do you package that?

How do you show anyone what yoga has brought into your life?

You don’t. You stay with your practice. You keep showing up. You grab a candy, and you savour the experience. For yourself, and for no one else. Yumm   ♥

doritThe candy dish

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