“Yoga with Dorit is a journey into my inner peace of mind. It is a quiet soulful place of being in consciousness and unconsciousness.”  Suzanne Reisler Litwin  July 2016

“I have always found yoga is a good way to relax AND work out at the same time. With a stressful job, it is perfect for me to accomplish both goals!  Love it. It’s also perfect for my lower back problems as well!!   A.R.  July 2016

“I’ve never had a ‘weight problem’ but as I approach my 40s, I find the food I eat ‘sticks to me’ as it never has before.  I’ve always eaten what I felt were healthy foods, but snacked often as well.  With Dorit, I’ve learned to control my portions (even of ‘healthy foods’)and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to lose the extra few pounds I wanted to shed.  I have made healthier snacking choices and still enjoy some of the yummy treats I always have, but, in moderation and only occasionally.  I feel the lessons I learned will stay with me always as I use them when I’m choosing food to buy in the grocery store, deciding what to cook and even ordering food at a restaurant or eating at friends’ houses.”   A.D. weight loss client 2011






“I’ve been training with Dorit for over 5 years and I’m still motivated.  The hour with her just passes so quickly.  She is very attentive, focussing on my individual needs.  Dorit truly knows how to customize a program that works for me.  Her training  has given me great results and after each session I am highly energized.  I strongly recommend her.”  S.P. Training client 2011-2016


“I never thought I’d like Yoga.  I like cardio and Zumba and bootcamps. But with Dorit’s Yoga I really feel its helped with flexibility and strength and balance, and I’ve also discovered the breath. I’ve learned how to slow it down and I feel a lot more peaceful.  Love it.”  N.A.  November 2015


“I really look forward to my Saturday morning yoga classes. I love the environment that Dorit provides. It’s like an oasis of peace.”  M.B.  May 2016

“I move meetings to make sure I don’t miss my Yoga classes with Dorit. She’s the best”  M.E.  Weekly male yoga client.   April 2016

“I’ve been thrilled with the weight management program. I’ve lost about 20 lbs and I don’t feel like I am depriving myself or that I’m hungry!”  J.R.  Weight loss client 2013

Bonjour Dorit, je voulais que tu saches a quel point je me sent plus sereine depuis que j’ai commence tes cours de Yoga.  Je ne remercierais jamais assez mon amie L. qui m’a fait découvrir les bienfaits du Yoga. Je peux dire que j’ai trouve mon havre de paix.” J.M. 49 year old female Yoga client. November 2016

“I play ball hockey twice a week, and basketball too.  But I can’t touch my toes for the life of me.  Your stretch Yoga is just what the Doctor ordered.”   M.M.  42 year old male client. October 2014.


“Hi Dorit,  I want to thank you for the wonderful training sessions while I was in town! I’ve really enjoyed them and I see an increase in my energy levels! You’ve taught me to do killer push-ups… very challenging!”     L.V. April 2012

pic website daycare2“Hi Dorit, just to tell you I have maintained my 15 pound weight loss.  I still pass your name around when people ask how I did it. I just gave someone hell for being on the cookie diet and told them that when they want to do it the right way, they should call me for your number.”  V.H. Weight loss client March 2012 (Editorial comment: she’s sent me about a dozen weight management referrals!)

“Hi Dorit, the best I can do is to tell you that I will never LOVE working out, but YOU make it make it not only bearable, but enjoyable. If it weren’t for knowing that you are waiting for me … I for sure wouldn’t be working out. Thanks for putting up with my lack of enthusiasm and occasional whining and complaining… occasional … LOL”  N.M.  October 2013 (Client 2012-present)

“Dorit, thank you so very much for working with my dad (Editorial: he was 82 years young!)  He is so excited by his progress, and feels so proud of his accomplishments with you.  He really looks forward to his sessions every week. A.C.  October 2013  (Editorial: I loved working with Roberto for a few years. He sadly passed away in the summer of 2015)

pic website roberto

“I really enjoy Yoga with Dorit.  It is a great addition to my exercise routine. My flexibility has improved and I really feel like I get a good workout from her sessions as well.”   L.K.    March 2014

“It’s my first time experiencing a yoga course.  I could not imagine a more wonderful way to relax and refresh yourself at the end of a day. The toning and stretching give you a feeling of strength, where emotionally you’re better able to face the rest of your week with confidence.”   D.L.   March 2015  (Client 2011-2016)