Personal Training

Personal Training Sessions

If you’re looking for the most personalized option, to help you achieve your goals, then one-on-one training is ideal.

Small Group Training

If you’re looking to achieve results, but would enjoy working out with a few friends (3 people max per group), then Small Group Training is the way to go. Keeping each other accountable is part of the secret!

Stretch Yoga


There are many ways we can create a beautiful, mindful session, based on your needs that day. For the days you’re seeking Strength and Flexibility, we can create a more active Vinyasa flow session. For the days where you’re seeking a more soothing, calming, grounding practice, we create a more Restorative session. It really is based on what your body tells you that day. Our bodies speak to us. We must learn to listen.

Nutrition Consulting


When it comes to changing your body shape, it is nearly impossible to do it with exercise alone. Nutrition is key. I like to say “You can’t outrun your fork”, meaning that no amount of activity will make up for poor nutrition habits. If you feel you need guidance, and more importantly, motivation to “stay the course”, contact me for details. I base my approach on Canada’s Food Guide. My belief is that eating mindfully¬†is the key to success.¬† Call for pricing details. There is an initial session for Lifestyle & Health Assessment , followed by weekly weigh-ins