Really. A bum shoulder, now?

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Type A character says:  I’m leaving on a month-long training NEXT WEEKEND. A training that I’m investing a lot of energy into.  A training that promises to be demanding.  A training which I want to explore to the max and gain as much from as possible.  Really. A bum shoulder, now ???

(Sidebar: I’ve had this issue for the last little while, never really taking time to “treat it” because it has hindered my activities on and off, and I’ve mostly been able to work around it. But NOW, when I want to have my utmost capacity to learn and explore… NOW my shoulder is acting up more than ever? ”

Type A character says:   *&%$   why now?

My yoga practice answers: NOW is the ideal time to have this happen.   First, to remind you to be grateful that of all the things that could go wrong, you are stuck with a bum shoulder. Secondly, every day you deal with clients that walk in with a pain here, a pain there, and your attitude has always been to work around the pain.  Don’t cause any extra harm, strengthen what needs to be strengthened, but don’t let your injury stop you from doing what you can do.   Thirdly, whenever you talk about Build A Better You Yoga, you often use the motto “It’s not about the poses.”  Well then, get out of your body, and as of next week, your challenge will be to live by all of these ideas. Can you practice what you preach?

Type A character says:  But *&%$, I won’t be able to do X, Y or Z with a bum shoulder.

Yoga practice answers:  You will receive exactly what you’re meant to get out of this training. Be grateful for the opportunity.  Think of WHY you’re going. Are you going to Kripalu to try and perfect your handstand? Or are you going to take in as much knowledge about yoga, the breath, ayurveda, sleep, nutrition, meditation, and how these can help heal a person during stressful, anxious, depressive times? Are you looking to fine tune your arm balances? Or are you trying to fill your toolbox with more items to better serve clients, from a total wellness perspective?

Type A character says:  It’s true. I wish I’d taken this course long ago.  Then I might be handling my stress with more grace!  I’m sorry.  Kripalu 300 hr training, bring it on!

doritReally. A bum shoulder, now?

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