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“Making” Space: the final frontier

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Welcome to my first Blog post EVER! So excited to share my “Making Space” passion and plans. What’s different? Why do this? Why here, and not on my regular Facebook page? What value am I looking to add to people that I already connect to?  To my community?  ALL questions I asked myself before sitting down to write.

Answers to self:  Over the last 9 years, I’ve come into contact with so many people, both men and women,  ranging in age from their 30’s to their 60’s, that find making time for themselves, impossible.  Deep down, they all know that not only is it possible, but its imperative for living a healthy, balanced, satisfying and peaceful life as we all age.

Making space.

I’m not talking about becoming more flexible and touching your toes.  I’m talking about creating space in your life. Space for any activity that relaxes you, brings you joy, calms the mind, benefits the body. Any activity. If it’s not an hour, then take 15 min. If that’s too long then begin with 5 minutes. Every second day. The idea being to carve out some space for yourself where all exterior stimuli are set aside, and you have a chance to ask yourself some important questions about your state of being. It’s only when we quiet the mind, when we lower the volume of all internal and external noise, that we hear answers to some of our toughest questions.

My goal is to guide people to whatever activity that is. (NOTE: I’ll be referring to Yoga in my Blog, but my sincere intent is that you can fill in the activity of your choice… the message is what’s important)

In my life, Yoga has given me this outlet. It helps me find space in my body, and “white space” in my mind.

I always tell yoga clients that “its not about the poses.”  You see, as a Yogi with a REAL body (not the stick thin pictures you see in most Yoga magazines and websites); as a Yogi that came to Yoga at the age of 51, took a Teacher Training at age 52, and now feels this to be her passion at age 53 …  I come to this place, like my readers, with various old injuries, different aches and pains, and various “life” stresses. So I get it.  I understand the challenges when my clients share them with me. I have the same ones.  But I believe. I believe in creating space. It’s like anything else.  It takes practice and it’s not easy.

SO – although I don’t like to say “never”, it is highly unlikely that you’ll ever see pictures of me in a crazy backbend where my toes touch my forehead (sorry, bad back!)  It is also highly unlikely you’ll see pictures of me doing Acro Yoga (look it up!!) although quite honestly, it does tempt me! For me, Yoga really is about the Breath. With each breath we can bring calm and clarity to the body. With each breath, comes a new opportunity for growth. Every day and every pose begins and ends with the breath.  Simple concept. Difficult in practice.

THE purpose behind my new “Making Space” Blogpost is to create connections and a community.  When it comes to creating this space, most of us aren’t that good at it.  The excuses we come up with are endless. But so are the opportunities if we share ideas and encouragement with one another. The Blogpost is meant to elicit your stories, your comments, and when shared, make an entire collection of experiences that we can exchange with one another.

We are looking to make space for the real you. Not the person you were always told you were. Not the person that people need you to be. Not the person that you’ve become over time.  Free up the areas in your heart, in your body, in your mind, the areas in your life where you feel stuck. Make space to simply be the authentic you.

Here are a few things my Yoga has taught me that have nothing to do with the poses, but everything to do with the real me.

I’ve had to leave my EGO off the mat many times when I go to outside studio classes. I’ve had to remind myself, not to look at that 22 year old “bendy” girl on the mat next to me and feel intimidated, or any less of a Yogi because I’m not as “bendy” as she is. (Life lesson)

I’ve had to let go of my feelings of GUILT, when I choose to sit on my mat and do my personal practice, or lie with my feet up the wall and listen to a guided meditation – instead of attacking the items on my “to-do” list. Originally it felt selfish. Now I view it as maintenance. (Life lesson)

With respect to my Yoga studies –   I am loving the learning. Learning new things is so invigorating. It is growth. It is fulfillment.  (Life Lesson)

And yet it’s a double-edged sword.  I have a recurring feeling that I have so much to learn, that there are so many people further along the path than I, a feeling like “who am I to be teaching or sharing?”  But the comments from my wonderful community of clients keep me going. They’ve told me they are affected in some positive way from their experience of Yoga with me, and so I continue to learn and try and be PATIENT with myself. Remind myself that I’ll never quite “be there”. Remind myself that it’s not about the complexity of the poses I share, but the energy that I bring to the mat and to the group simply by showing up.(Life lesson)

There are many different ways to approach this topic of Making Space, and I plan to take a different slant with each blogpost. Today, as I introduce myself to this new venture of writing and sharing, my purpose is clear. I want to motivate people that are running all the time. People that are caring for others all the time. People that are overwhelmed with a life of “to-do’s.” People that feel guilty taking time for themselves. People that believe there simply is no time. I would like to affect one person enough for them to take 10 minutes and sit in a park and listen to the sound of nature, or go for a run, or write in a journal, or take an art class… You get the drift.

I am fortunate to have found this outlet in Yoga. If I can encourage someone to share this Yogic path with me, wonderful. If I can encourage someone to find their own path, a path that brings them a little more joy, a little more peace, a little more of that “I’m worth it” feeling, well just as wonderful.

I hope you’ll keep reading! I hope you’ll be inspired to feel that you can and should, and deserve to Build A Better You. And when you do… please share this inspiration with those you care about!

If you’ve read all the way through … I am grateful :)

I look forward to hearing your comments.

We really are in this together.

♥ D

dorit“Making” Space: the final frontier