Making Space for flaws

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SO – to me, every asana (yoga pose) is about opening up & being honest.  Opening up, finding a small space for something that wasn’t there before. Seeing where I’m stuck (in my body or in my mind). Seeing it. Feeling it. Paying attention to it. Working with it, with softness. With acceptance. With accountability.

There isn’t really one day, where this happens, and then it’s mission accomplished.  There are days, where we’re all better at being “our best self”, than others.  The days where I wake up and realize that  “other people” are not the problem, that it’s all up to me how I handle issues, respond to people, allow people to push my buttons;  those days, I am a “softer” version of myself. I am able to give more and I’m generally more understanding, easier to get along with.

THOSE days, are the days where I recognize that I have flaws, that we are all flawed in some way, and therefore, why expect more from myself than I do from anyone else? We’re all winging it every day, doing our best to do good, in our small circles and in our larger communities.

CONTROL: I know for a fact that I’ve always liked to be “in control.”  Or should I say feel like I’m in control. I know now, that control is an illusion. It’s interesting (to me) that the more deeply I dive into Yoga,  the more I’m able to let go, versus trying to hang on. When I’m holding onto a moment, a situation, an old argument, holding on tight, I’m not allowing the moments to happen.  I’m trying to create things, by either reliving old moments, or creating stories in the future.  But the moments, the events, everything, just is. 

Why does Yoga bring all these things to my mind? Because for me, its a vessel.  When you get on your mat, you are generally instructed to allow things to be as they are, and you’re encourage to accept things, as they are.  Not fight them, not change them, just be OK with how things are. That, is relinquishing control. That, is letting go. That, is acceptance.  Acceptance that we are not perfect to begin with, that today won’t be a perfect practice, that there is no competition or judgement that should come into play, that we should simply be grateful for the fact that we are able to practice, able to breathe.

Yoga has helped me Make Space for my flaws. I am who I am… This doesn’t mean that I can’t work at improving certain aspects of myself, physically or otherwise, if I so choose. It simply means that I first accept who I am,  pay attention, and be honest.  If it’s always someone else who is flawed, not me, then I’m not making space for reality, or for my own flaws.

Being on a yoga mat, and falling on my face during a pose, forces me back to this reality !  Lying on a mat and breathing, allowing myself to simply be, forces me into the moment.

Next time you want a challenge, see if you’re comfortable lying on a mat (or anywhere else) without falling asleep. See if you can soften all areas of your face, calm your body, quiet your mind, and simply be for a few minutes? Can you simply be with things as they are? Can you simply be with yourself as you are?

Take the challenge and let me know…

We’re all in this together.

♥ D



doritMaking Space for flaws

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