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Yoga “off the mat” – Flap your wings, then glide

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      What does it take to hold a yoga pose for a while ?  The body and the mind should be strong, stable, grounded, yet comfortable.  True engagement of all the required muscles, without strain or tension. The ability for the breath to flow smoothly. But how? Yoga is a practice of opposites.  In Yoga, we practice Sthira and sukha; …

doritYoga “off the mat” – Flap your wings, then glide

Making space for kindness and compassion

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        There is a Sanskrit term called “ahimsa.” Ahimsa is one of the guiding principles and fundamental building blocks in Yoga that indicates to us how to deal with the world around us, and with ourselves.  The literal meaning is to be non harming, non violent, to have a special consideration and compassion towards all living things, …

doritMaking space for kindness and compassion

Making Space for flaws

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        SO – to me, every asana (yoga pose) is about opening up & being honest.  Opening up, finding a small space for something that wasn’t there before. Seeing where I’m stuck (in my body or in my mind). Seeing it. Feeling it. Paying attention to it. Working with it, with softness. With acceptance. With accountability. There …

doritMaking Space for flaws
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Making “tech-free” space

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        When I say that Yoga is not about the poses, I really mean it.  To me, Yoga is about reflecting on what is blocking you from achieving your maximum potential, being your best Self.  It’s about making space in your body, and in your mind, eliminating some of the noise so you can “listen in” and hear your …

doritMaking “tech-free” space
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“Making” Space: the final frontier

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      Welcome to my first Blog post EVER! So excited to share my “Making Space” passion and plans. What’s different? Why do this? Why here, and not on my regular Facebook page? What value am I looking to add to people that I already connect to?  To my community?  ALL questions I asked myself before sitting down to …

dorit“Making” Space: the final frontier