What home feels like

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      For over 25 years, I worked outside of my home and would return at the end of the day, always happy to walk through my front door.  Arriving home to my kids, my kitchen, my worn out sweatpants (the ones with the holes in them, that I would change into the moment I’d walk in) – it …

doritWhat home feels like

The candy dish

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        Think about where you like to shop. Think about which restaurants you like to frequent.  I’m willing to bet that often, it’s not necessarily about the clothes or the actual food. The product has to be good, but mostly, we go back because we had a great experience. I believe it’s about a feeling.  And that, is what sharing …

doritThe candy dish
I am enough

Am I enough?

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        I don’t believe there’s a person out there who has never thought this to themselves “Am I enough?”  The tendency to question things we are told in general is not bad, however questioning our own value, our own abilities, our worthiness, can be. The sense of wanting to be “perfect” (whatever that means), the sense of …

doritAm I enough?

Learning. Life’s greatest adventure.

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      One of my intents for 2017 was to further my education, deepen my skills and my ability to offer more valuable services to clients. I just returned from a 4-week intensive Yoga Therapy training at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, which provided me with a wide range of new tools with which to grow the services …

doritLearning. Life’s greatest adventure.
pic flowerkripalu

A corner of heaven, everywhere.

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        Well DUH – I’m in the Berkshire mountains for a month. No clients. No meals to prepare. No bills to pay. No laundry to do. No dishwasher to empty. Of course it’s like being in a little corner of heaven here. One might even ignore the fact that we have to be in class for 6am, …

doritA corner of heaven, everywhere.

Really. A bum shoulder, now?

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        Type A character says:  I’m leaving on a month-long training NEXT WEEKEND. A training that I’m investing a lot of energy into.  A training that promises to be demanding.  A training which I want to explore to the max and gain as much from as possible.  Really. A bum shoulder, now ??? (Sidebar: I’ve had this …

doritReally. A bum shoulder, now?
love sunset heart yoga

Sharing a priceless gift

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        Today, I’m writing about self-worth and self-love. If you’re rolling your eyes, I’ll say the following quickly before you stop reading in a huff.  You probably need this more than most people. The more I fine tune what I want to teach in my yoga classes, the more I realize that this is exactly what I …

doritSharing a priceless gift
meisler woman running

Cutting two words from my vocabulary

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        When I first got married almost 30 years ago, I was the kind of person who was always early to arrive at meetings, events etc. I was always in a rush. There was too much to do so I had to move fast. I still believe we should be on time for appointments, simply out of …

doritCutting two words from my vocabulary
letting go hands

The difficult practice of “letting go”

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      Letting go is damn hard. I do like things done my way, in my timing. I’m not proud of it but I recognize and acknowledge it. Time has mellowed me (a bit.) You can’t live with someone for 30 years and have things done your way, when you want it done, all the time. You can’t bring up …

doritThe difficult practice of “letting go”
sitting meditation

Don’t just sit there, do something.

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        Don’t just sit there. Do something. There are times where we are all guilty of thinking this to ourselves, either about ourselves, or about someone who seems to be lounging slothfully in our midst. So much to do, so little time is our usual refrain. As time passes and I share my practice and experiences with …

doritDon’t just sit there, do something.
rock pic florida

The rock spoke to me

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      It’s possible you’re going to think that I took too much sun this particular morning. It’s possible you’re going to think I may have drank too much the night before. It’s all possible. What’s fun about writing your own blog is that (hopefully) you don’t care what people may think, you’re just sharing your writing online, and …

doritThe rock spoke to me

Are we hyper-connected out of fear?

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            I’ve mentioned in this space numerous times that I often get aggravated with respect to my need to check in with social media too often (according to me).   I can excuse, rightly or wrongly, my checking emails and texts as so much of our business communications use these mediums today.  But why the need …

doritAre we hyper-connected out of fear?

At the Spa. The struggle was real.

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      This past Sunday, my hubby and I went to the Spa Finlandais for the day; a gift received from our three amazing boys.  The day was superb. The environment rejuvenating. I WISH I had pictures!!! You see, I had made a deal with myself to treat this day as a day-long meditation. It was perfect because as …

doritAt the Spa. The struggle was real.

Progress helps me sleep well

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        This year, in January, I made a public pledge, here on my blog, to live by Intention.  To live life, and not let life live me. To have goals, yes;  to take actions which will work towards my goals, yes; but most of all, to make progress. Every day.  I am finding myself more excited than …

doritProgress helps me sleep well
pic florida ocean

Make the day flow

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        As I sat on the beach today, watching the waves flow in and out, I remembered saying to my husband about a week ago, right after I had taught a yoga class “wow, today’s class flowed so nicely.”  When I uttered those words, what I meant at the time, is that the hour just went so …

doritMake the day flow