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A corner of heaven, everywhere.

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Well DUH – I’m in the Berkshire mountains for a month. No clients. No meals to prepare. No bills to pay. No laundry to do. No dishwasher to empty. Of course it’s like being in a little corner of heaven here. One might even ignore the fact that we have to be in class for 6am, and have programs till 8pm. One might… To breathe the mountain air; to look over at the lake while you’re eating breakfast; to have all your meals be prepared with organic, fresh from the farm ingredients; to be talking about wellness and new research in the field you’re passionate about; yes, it might just be a little corner of heaven here.

But here’s the thing. THE thing. Even the type A personality that’s writing this blog post has changed. I’ve learned to find little pieces of heaven at home, in my own environment. In my kitchen where I share space and food with those I love; in my work space, where I share hours on end with clients; in the park, where I walk my dog and appreciate nature; in the local coffee shop, where I enjoy an amazing cup of Italian coffee with my husband.

I once heard someone say, that you should create a life that you don’t need a vacation from.  I love that. I want to live that. 2017 is the year of living by intention, so I can do that.  Only I can do that for myself.

I share this only because its THE message of Build A Better You Yoga. Only you can bring joy, gratitude, satisfaction, growth, wellness and love into your life. No one, and nothing else can ever fill you with these. It takes a decision, a mindset. It takes letting go of certain limiting beliefs, to make space for these little corners of heaven. It takes overcoming fears that are deeply entrenched. It takes getting over the illusion of control.

So yeah. It’s a little corner of heaven here in the Berkshires. But I have many corners of heaven waiting for me back home!

Create space. Create a life that you don’t need a vacation from.


doritA corner of heaven, everywhere.

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